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How it all started?


Astron R&D production center was founded in 2008.

Since 2012 Astron has been a resident of Zhiguly Valley Techno Park
in 'Transport and Space Engineering' cluster. The main mission of our company is sourcing solutions for reducing vibrations for industrial and transport applications
(e.g. providing vibration and shock mitigation systems for electronic equipment).

Why Iron Pillow?


At the core of the company is a team of engineers and technical experts
who participated in developing vibration protection systems for aviation and space industries. All technical solutions of Astron have been
patented and certified accordingly.

We bought the shock-mitigation platform for boat seats for additional comfort during our boat trips and were pleasantly surprised. We placed the platform on our Salyut 480 boat and have been using it for several months already. Now, we get a feeling that we are sitting in a fairly good sedan while being on the boat. Unbelievable! We will definitely recommend your platform to all people who might express interest in it. 

Vladimir Maximov, Chistopol, Tatarstan 

I have tested your platform on Rusbot 60 (225 hp) boat. The effect from placing it was obvious. Now I get less pounding on waves and the load on my back was significantly reduced. The device is worth the money for this kind of effect. I am thinking about fitting another Iron Pillow into the passenger's seat next season.
Michael Noskov, Samara

I am a fairly young guy and I rarely pay a lot of attention to my spinal health, but I reckon that for many people it could be the key factor in choosing an anti-shock platform for lowering the axial loads on the back. I absolutely have no desire to stand up or place my leg under myself (yup, I've seen people do that) while I am on my boat. The comfort that Iron Pillow brings is so fast to get used to and it seems like it has always been there. But try taking the platform off for a couple of days, you will realize the level of driving pleasure is was giving not to mention the health related benefits.
Eugene Rodin, Samara