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Comfortable and safe boat rides with Iron Pillow

Every time you take a ride in a motor boat your spine experiences dynamic overloads, including dangerous lateral impacts.

 Iron Pillow platform effectively mitigates shocks in all directions, significantly reducing the risk of spinal damages.


It also lowers the effect of high-frequency vibrations on your body, while raising the level of comfort and preventing earlier fatigue, especially during long-range boat rides.



Reliable design

Ensures efficient operation in sea water

Comfort and safety

Reduces fatigue during long-range bumpy and wavy rides

Simplified assembly

Standard connection with no need for special tools

Small amplitude

High efficiency for such small platform size

Spinal protection

Reduces vibration and impacts in all directions into half in the frequency range of 5-1000 Hz

Lateral support

Ensures confident boat control in banking turns and cornering

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